How to Treat Gynecomastia Without Surgery – Breast Reduction for Men

Men all across the world are trying to discover how to treat gynecomastia, and I used to be one of them. Contrary to what you might believe, you do not need to spend the rest of your life worrying about taking your shirt off in public (or in the bedroom). And in fact, breast reduction for men is very possible without having to resort to expensive surgery — I’m living proof of that!

When you are first learning how to treat gynecomastia without surgery, you will eventually discover two main methods.

The first method, and one that I chose not to undergo, is an expensive surgical procedure that seeks to remove excess fatty tissue around the nipple and chest area. Some of the problems with this though are that your insurance provider likely won’t cover the procedure (mine didn’t), the surgery itself carries its own risks and may leave you looking worse, and the healing process is painful and takes a couple months. For these reasons, I chose to take a healthier and possibly quicker route — which was much cheaper too!

The second method, the one that I followed, is to undertake a new lifestyle plan that involves making special changes to your diet and performing special exercises that all combine to melt your “man boobs” right off your chest. And all without any scarring, of course!

Now, I highly recommend attempting this second method before you try surgery, and I’m sure your doctor will too. The benefits are much greater, considering that your whole body will look better, you will be healthier, and above you will be much happier and more confident than you’ve ever been. I take my shirt off every chance I get now!

So what exactly are some changes you can make to treat gynecomastia naturally?

One thing simply involves burning more calories than you consume. This will cause your body to burn the fat that is causing your puffy and saggy breasts. You can achieve this by eating several small healthy meals throughout the day, which will speed up your metabolism and create a fat burning furnace within your body.

However, many men (including me) may find that they still have some residual fat in and around their chest even after eliminating all the bad foods from their diet and eating the good stuff. I was able to melt the fat off the rest of my body, but I still had some man boobs. The solution to this is to perform some key exercises that will specifically treat gynecomastia. After adding these exercises to my program, I became amazed at how quickly I was able to flatten my chest.

Some people may not be motivated enough to follow a plan like this. But tell me, do you really want to go through the rest of your life making excuses for why you won’t take your shirt off in front of your girlfriend (or boyfriend)? You really want to live the rest of your life feeling humiliated and embarrassed?

I personally didn’t want to deal with those feelings anymore. So if you are as sick and tired of it as I was, then believe me, following the right diet and exercise plan is going to be much easier than surgery. You’ll save tons of money, look better overall and be much happier. You will also achieve your desired results just as quickly!

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